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The Cairn Terrier Club

“The Best Little Pal In The World”      

Founded 1910

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Looking for a Puppy: Ask yourself these questions first before you decide if a puppy is right for you.

Click on Puppy photo to view the Puppy Site.  Older cairns are also available on this site.  Path and link to Puppy Site: http://www.cairnterrierpuppies.co.uk/

Contact your local Puppy Liaison who may know of puppies available in your Area.  

Puppy Pack Check List: What you should expect to receive with your new puppy from the Breeder:  Read more Here

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Autumn CTC Open Show:

8 October 2016, Thornhill

Keep up to date with  “Cairn Day Events view our page.

Cairn Day 2016 News Flyer read it here, go to

Cairn Day 2016

The Cairn Terrier Health Group is looking for New Members

Find out more here

Joint Cairn Terrier Clubs Working Party Secretary/Treasurer  - Frances Goldfinch will be standing down as the Secretary with effect from next year.  We are looking for someone to take up the post and work along side Frances from after this year’s meeting in October. Further details of what is involved can be obtained from Frances.     Email goldfinch74@btinternet.com  or telephone 01304 851818

Glamis Castle, Burns Dogs’ Day Out, 7 August 2016

Visit us at our Cairn Stall (CTC/CTRF)

OK Cairns follow me, let’s go!

Visit  our Cairn Day Events page for more information about this event.

Group Eye Tests - The Scottish Kennel Club Show at Ingliston Show Ground, Edinburgh on 27 August 2016.  CTC will subsidise, read more on our “News page”.