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The Blencathra Kennel: In 1923 Mabel Drummond registered with the Kennel Club her first Cairn and from there she went onto register no fewer than 25 Champions.

Blencathra Cairns

A few thoughts on Cairns by
Mrs Drummond

The Brocaire Cairns:  Mrs Campbell had Cairns all her life from a child in the 1870’s. She was responsible for introducing the Cairn to the show ring and her strain is behind most of today’s Cairns.  Without Mrs Campbell, would we have had Cairns, as we know them today?

Brocaire Cairns

The Dochfour Kennel: won its first certificate in 1914 and its last in 1958. These dates include the long history of the Dochfour kennel owned by Baroness Burton.

Dochfour Cairns

The Felshott Kennel: In 1925 the Kennel was formed by sisters Dorothy and Margaret Hall and their friend Peggy Wilson. They went onto produced many Champion Cairns.

Felshott Cairns

Our First Champion by:
Dorothy Hall

The Redletter Kennel: In the period 1948 to 1981 Redletter Cairns achieved and made every record in the breed.

Redletter Cairns


How I started in Cairns

W Bradshaw

The Oudenarde Kennel: was founded in the 1920’s by Helen Hamilton and her sister Mrs Margaret Temple and were joined in the 1930’s by their sister-in-law Diana Hamilton.  This Kennel has produced many Champion Cairns.

Oudenarde Cairns

Out of the West Kennel: Mrs Noney Fleming won her first certificate in 1914 and over 25 years she produced many certificate winners.

Out of the West Cairns

And article by:

Noney Fleming in 1923

The Uniquecottage Kennel:  Judy’s contribution to the breed over the past 65 years has been immense and there cannot be a Cairn breeder or exhibitor in the world who has not heard of her and her kennel.

Uniquecottage Cairns

Article produced in the 2010 CTC Yearbook

1983 CTC Celebrates the 50th Championship Show.  Re-produced by kind permission of The Dog World.

1983 Championship Show

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