Health of The Cairn Terrier


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New:  Health Group Report 2018

The Health Group monitors the health of the Cairn Terrier on a yearly basis.   
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Health Group Report 2018

HG Reports 2015, 2016, & 2017

Health Group Report 2014

Health Group Report 2013

Your Cairn’s Health.  The Group are happy to advise on any health queries you may have concerning your Cairn.  Read …

Health Leaflet

Terrier Eye Health (Article).  Fighting Ocular Disease and Preserving Terriers’ Sight

The Eyes Have It!
Prepared by  Jim R. Hulbert and
Jeanne R. Mortenson


An animal is made up
of four parts; read more

Anatomy and Its Influence (Article)
W. L. McCandlish

Common Sense Breeding: over the past 20 years the way we breed animals has changed. (British Cairn Terrier Symposium, July 2013).

Common Sense Breeding with a Genetic Flavour
Professor Steve Dean B.Vet Med, DVR, MRCVS

Home Safety Guide for Pet Owners

by “Expertise” Seattle, USA

Guide for Pet Owners

Common Household dangers, Food Safety, Pet Proof your Home etc

Kennel Club Cairn Breed Health information

Cairn Health

Animal Health Trust (Cairn Terriers)

Give your Dog a Genome

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