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1st June 2019

Clan Cairn Dogs’ Day Out at Thornton Memorial Park

Cairn Day 2019

May 2019

Clan Cairn Spring Newsletter 2019

Paws a While

Spring News 2019

November 2018

Clan Cairn Autumn Newsletter 2018

Paws A While  

Cairn Day 2018

Or read Here

March 2018

Clan Cairn Terrier Newsletter March 2018 Edition

Cairn Day Events

January 2018

Read about KC Breed Education Co-Ordinator Role

Breed Co-Ordinator

About Role

4 August 2017

Burns Dogs Day Out at Glamis News About our Day out (30 July 2017)

Cairn Events Page

15 July 2017

Clan Cairn Day Report Back Newsletter 2017

Cairn Day Events


Clan Cairn Newsletter 2017 issue 2.

News 2017


CTC Championship Show March 2017 - visit Club Shows page

Club Shows


Burns Dogs Day Out at Glamis July 2017 - visit Cairn Day Events page.

CD Events


Clan Cairn Day out May 2017 - visit Cairn Day 2017 page

Cairn Day 2017


Critique now available for April CTC Championship Show.  Visit “Club Shows” page.

Critique  Club Shows


1983 CTC 50th Champ Show.  Reproduced by permission of DW.   Go to Articles page



Cairn Terrier Club of America Centenary Show details for 2017.  Keep up to date.  Visit Cairn Terrier Club of America on our Overseas Links page.

Visit our:

Overseas Links

General Information - Joint Cairn Terrier Clubs Working Party

At the JCTC Working Party Meeting in October 2016 Suzanne Drew was elected as the new Working Party Secretary/Treasurer.

Email:  Suzanne will look after general Working Party Matters.

Frances Goldfinch will continue as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer


Frances will look after Judge’s applications. Please copy both into any emails.