Where to buy a puppy? From a reputable source of course and the place to start is with a Breed Club.  All members of Cairn Terrier Breed Clubs are expected to adhere to the Cairn Breeders’ Code of Ethics, which can be found on this web site.

The Cairn Terrier Club, among others, has a “puppy liaison” whose function is to put potential buyers of puppies in touch with breeders who have puppies for sale, puppy liaison contacts are given below.

The Puppy Liaison can also advise on the suitability of the Cairn as a family pet, relative to various factors:

Ages of children - Cairn puppies are very small and young children can be unintentionally rough.

Fenced garden - Cairns are notorious for escaping.

Time the puppy may be left alone - lonely, bored pups can be destructive, noisy and difficult to house-train.

Other factors to consider are grooming - not demanding but the coat needs professional attention once or twice a year.

Training - Cairns tend to be a little self-willed but this is part of their charm.

Illustrated information leaflet - This is available from the puppy liaison or the Secretary.  It gives suggested reading on the Cairn breed.

Cairns are one of the most delightful breeds with their friendly, cheeky expression and happy, exuberant ways - not for nothing are they known as:

“The Best Little Pal in the World”

Puppy Liaison Contacts below

Cairn Puppies

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Liaison Contact



The Cairn Terrier Club

Helen Miller


0131 449 4470

Cairn Terrier Association

Lynda Hughes


01332 700683

Mail: gyncairn_lynda@ntlworld.com

Midland Cairn Terrier Club

Julie Petts


01226 212800

Southern Cairn Terrier Club

Mrs Sue Kinton

0118 9883358

South Wales & West of England Cairn Terrier Club

Jenny Oldale

(South West of England)


Puppy Pack:  Advice from CTC of what you should receive from your Breeder when you purchase your New Puppy. Read more … here

Mail: helenmiller5@me.com?subject=Cairn Puppies

Read our: Code of Ethics

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Is a puppy right for you?  Ask yourself these questions before you make your final decision.

Mail: jules_doonrae@outlook.com Mail: skinton@btinternet.com Mail: jenny.ford7@uwclub.net?subject=Puppy Liaison